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Drive transformative actions through the fabric of data

Trident automatically collects, transforms and delivers business critical insight to help you optimise and drive business performance for hotels and chains of any size. With Trident, you access cutting-edge analytics technology that delivers augmented intelligence features and transformative data-driven insights in seconds.

Empower all users through search-driven analytics and smart narratives

Ask questions of your PMS data using natural language and receive immediate answers in the form of a visual response.


Click on explain buttons to receive smart explanations of your performance data and save time surfacing insight through the automated insight delivery platform

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Bring your PMS data to life and immediately understand business drivers to drive impactful actions. Trident Signals provides explanations for detected anomalies in your time series to help identify areas requiring attention.


With just a couple of clicks, you can easily find insights that are assisted with natural language explanations without requiring time consuming, manual data analysis.

Unlimited Data Exploration

Explore your PMS data to track, monitor and act on the data that drives your business. Conduct root cause analysis, identify key drivers, and surface hidden insights to optimise revenue management strategies. 

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Data Explorer

Perform intuitive root cause analysis and analyse the distribution of your data to discover key opportunities and mitigate risk.

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Interactive Visualisations

Cross-highlight, filter, drill, personalise, focus, and export PMS data to accelerate data-driven decision making. 

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Key Influencers

Trident automatically indicates the factors impacting revenue and compares the relative importance at the click of a button.

Customisation and Authoring

Build your own historical or forward-looking reports or customise existing report templates to focus on the information that matters, when it matters.

Eliminate manual data collection processes and siloed spreadsheets by utilising the Trident PMS data model to deliver a single version of the truth to all chain and property level users.

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